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April 2, 2008

Autism awareness: Now with more awareness of autistics

For those who hadn’t heard, today was designated the first ever Autism Awareness Day by the United Nations. And I really expected the worst from the media, being the cynical aspie that I am.

And to be fair, there were some bits of coverage that had me screaming at the TV. Like a certain evening talk show which covered the issue of vaccines and autism in what sounded to me more like a shouting match than a rational debate. And for that matter, I’m glad I don’t get the Sundance channel either, because they showed the extended version of a certain autism ‘awareness’ film that I’ve already criticized here in the past.

But yet, despite this, today was surprisingly not a total loss when it came to coverage of autism in the media.


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Blogging for Autism Awareness Month

You’ll probably notice a new button over on the sidebar. I figured, since I am planning on using this month to post about various autism-related topics, the least I can do is join the blog swarm that’s been created just for that purpose.

More to come later today, once I’ve gotten a bit more of a chance to digest all of today’s media coverage…

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